Renegade and Target Renegade are two of the best games on the ZX Spectrum, and almost certainly the best beat ’em ups on the system.

Renegade was a faithful conversion of the arcade original, and in some ways was actually better than its source material. While Target Renegade managed to retain the DNA of its predecessor, and expand on it adding a simultaneous two player mode and weapons! So how do you better that?

Obviously you want to retain the distinctive graphic style, the two player mode of Target Renegade, and the weapons. Perhaps add a couple of new fight moves? Perhaps interactive scenery like Double Dragon? Perhaps more levels and even an Outrun-style branching map of New York where you can take different routes to your final goal to give you longevity in the gameplay? And you have to bring back the multiple bosses of Renegade – Target Renegade’s only flaw.

Although I’ve always been down on Renegade 3: The Final Chapter, I’d never actually played it until now. Back in the day I was put off by the storyline alone – the idea of a time travelling adventure felt almost seemed disrespectful of what had gone before rather than a fresh direction. But perhaps I’ve been wrong all this time, and yet another journey through seedy streets fighting gang members would have grown stale? After-all, the game did score a Crash Smash and 91% at the time, so maybe all these years I’ve been missing out on playing the best game in the series?

Renegade 3 Loading ScreenThe game starts promisingly with the best loading screen of the series. It’s excellently drawn! The in-game music too is good. Not as good as it predecessors, but the effort has been taken to write a different theme for each level that fits the time zone – it’s a nice touch. But then I pressed start and everything went horribly downhill!

The most notable omission is the two player option. While I love Renegade’s one-man mission, Target Renegade is arguably more fun as you can battle through the gangs with a friend. But a two-player option is not a deal-breaker if the game needs the processor speed for something new. The next omission are the weapons of Target Renegade, again, a shame but not a deal-breaker if we’ve instead got some new moves to battle our enemies.

The next thing to strike me were the graphics. Backdrops are monochrome, using just black and yellow or black and white over the four levels (one level less than the previous games)! Both previous games had colourful backdrops which was made possible due to the flip-screen scrolling, so if Renegade 3 scrolled perhaps I could forgive this? But it doesn’t! It’s still flip-screen! And gone are the serious-looking character sets. Instead we have a new cartoony, stunted-style to the graphics. But again, none of this is a deal-breaker if it’s a good beat ’em up that adds something new to the series.

Enemies come at you far more quickly and in greater numbers than the previous games, so maybe that’s a good thing, a tougher fight? Unleashing my moves on them however I was immediately disappointed to find that they’re not only completely different to the original games, but also vastly reduced! There are in fact only two key fight moves now, a crouching punch and a forward punch or kick, neither of which seem to make any great difference in a fight (crouch punch I suppose is the only way to attack short enemies, but you can use it for normal ones too). And whereas you felt connected to your enemies in the originals, having to line up the distance and Y axis just right to land a blow, in this game I felt completely disconnected with contact being a more vague affair leaving me simply to mash the fire button. In both previous games it was also possible to separate enemies by walking around the play area and then picking your moment to attack, but in this game if an enemy is one one side of you they remain there (usually in a group of three), always backing away from you so there is no real strategy to the fight, just punch/kick then back away a bit to avoid their strike, then go in again for another go.

The aim of the original games was to clear a level of all the gang members within the time limit. Renegade 3’s enemies however seem infinite in number, and probably most damning for a beat ’em up, I found the best strategy to be to avoid fighting!!! Instead I would move quickly to the right dodging enemies, fight two waves of mandatory enemies which would unlock the scrolling again, then move quickly to the end of the level where I’d have to fight another couple of waves before a time machine would drop down and whisk me to the next level.

So, those levels…

Renegade 3 Level 1My first thought on seeing the first prehistoric level was that it looked like a budget title, not a full price game. In fact, I do wonder whether this game really was written as a sequel to Renegade or whether it was once a different game and the main character sprite was swapped out for a Renegade-like character and the game re-packaged as a sequel? It just feels so far removed from the previous two games. (Does anyone know the history of the game?)

The graphics are not bad in themselves, the backgrounds are quite well drawn and the character sprites have a decent cartoony look. But the animation frames are terrible, giving the whole thing a jerky, messy kind of look in motion which is what gives it that budget feel.

The one addition to the gameplay is Double Dragon-style interactive scenery. Every so often you reach either a small chasm that has to be jumped (with a terrible jump animation), or a larger chasm which must be navigated past by climbing up/down a ladder to the level above/below and walking past it. Without this distraction the game would be truly boring, and that’s saying something because Renegade 3’s jump and climb moments are clumsy at best, but they’re at least something to do other than hitting the fire button.

As I punched boxing glove-wearing dinosaurs, Captain Caveman look-alikes and dodged everything else, I felt sad at what this franchise had become!

Oh, and there’s no end of level boss on this or any level to come – not even the final level!

Level two sees us heading forward to ancient Egypt. Again, the background graphics are good, but still yellow and black. The character sprites are better on this level, but again have terrible animation which lets them down. The cover art suggests that we’ll be high-kicking mummys in the face, but that never happens!

Level three sees us in medieval times. Despite probably having the best level graphics, this one depressed me the most as we’re set upon by knights…riding hobby horses! It’s like the game-makers were laughing at the franchise! It’s also noticeable by this point that no level is harder than the previous. In the previous games the gang members adopted different fighting styles which made each level more difficult – remember the instant death of Renegade’s knife-wielding thugs, or the life-sapping bouncers from Target Renegade? Well, each level in Renegade 3 simply swaps out the character sprites for something that fits the theme of the level, but retains the same attack pattern as its equivalent in the previous level.

And finally, after only three levels we reach the final, and probably worse level! The future design is uninspired, ugly and blandly presented in black and white. Here we’re attacked by aliens and robots in a confused future meets sci-fi theme.

Like all previous levels, we simply avoid enemies until we can go no further right, climbing up ladders and jumping chasms when we come across them, and take out a couple of obligatory waves of enemies to allow us to start running away again. And then it ends with not so much as a glimpse of your kidnapped girlfriend, let-alone a final boss fight. Sigh!

Looking back, Crash scored Renegade 89% and Target Renegade 90%, both of which are very fair scores. But Renegade 3’s 91% feels more like an attempt to sell Spectrum games in the final years of the machine than an honest score. In reality, I played it for about twenty minutes or so and, unlike its predecessors which I play to this day, it’s something I’ll likely never pick up again. It gets 20% from me – entirely for the loading screen and the music.

Version reviewed, 128k.


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