Speccy Nostalgia is a place dedicated to retro gaming, with the ZX Spectrum at its core. On these pages we will be re-reviewing ZX Spectrum games, sometimes also the arcade version that they were converted from, and now and then the odd Amiga or PlayStation title if we happen to be playing them.

The ZX Spectrum was released in 1982 and sold over five million units with around twenty four thousand games being produced during its life time. Alongside the Commodore 64, it is probably one of the most influential home computers of all time.

Why do we think the ZX Spectrum is such an amazing machine? It achieved all this often with just 48k of memory. Consider now that an average email takes 75k of memory and you’re starting to get the idea that the programmers, musicians and artists (sometimes the same person) who made games on the ZXSpectrum didn’t have much to work with.

And yet, in spite of the limitations, there are games created on the ZX Spectrum that remain as playable today as when they were first released. And it’s those games we aim to bring you on these pages.